Creative Team:

Conceived & Directed by Guillaume Pigé

Devised by the Company

With: Eygló Belafonte, Vyte Garriga, Claudia Marciano, Alex Judd, Charles Sandford, Andres Velasquez

Composer - Alex Judd

Lighting Designer - Dr Katherine Graham

Production & Stage Manager, External Advisor - Josephine Tremelling

Costume & Prop Designer - Malik Ibheis

Costume Maker - Amédine Bello

Dramaturg - Tamara von Werthern

External Curator - Reverend Professor June Boyce-Tillman

Philosopher - Dr Graeme A. Forbes

Scientific Collaborator - Professor Kate Jeffery

Photos: Richard Davenport

Devisors: Louise Wilcox, Eygló Belafonte, Matthew Austin, Claudia Marciano, Stefanie Bruckner, Guillaume Pigé, Alex Judd, Andres Velasquez, Charles Sandford and Vyte Garriga

Touring information:

Future performances in the UK announced here !

Preview performance, The Point Eastleigh (Eastleigh, 2019)

World Première, London International Mime Festival at Shoreditch Town Hall (London, 2019)

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About BIRTH:

“I am not interested in the ephemeral... I am interested in those things that repeat and repeat and repeat in the lives of the millions.”

Thornton Wilder

Pregnancy loss is experienced by a great number of women. What the parents go through is rarely discussed and often considered taboo. It is part of the realm of the ‘unspoken’, or the ‘unvoiced’. It is buried.

Over fifteen months of development we explored the idea of secrets in families, unearthing the parallels between our own lives and the lives of our parents and grandparents. We engaged through interviews and workshops with women and families who have experienced pregnancy loss. We also collaborated with UCL Neuroscience Professor Kate Jeffery and Dr Graeme A. Forbes, lecturer in philosophy at the University of Kent, to explore the questions of ‘what is being passed down from one generation to the next’ and ‘when does memory begin’?

BIRTH is the story of Sue, Katherine and Emily, three generations of women from the same family whose lives are part of an invisible web they help to weave. It traces their journey of self-discovery, acceptance and hope.

Produced in association with Glynis Henderson Productions

Funded by National Lottery through Arts Council England

Co-commissioned by the London International Mime Festival, The Point Eastleigh, and South Hill Park Arts Centre

Supported by Shoreditch Town Hall, University of Kent and The Lowry.