“A brilliant insight into a rather unknown art form”.

Workshop participant - 2015 London International Mime Festival

Corporeal Mime Intensive (3 weeks) - 2013

MFA Acting Students - Louisiana State University (USA)

Open one-day Corporeal Mime Masterclass

2015 London International Mime Festival

Theatre Re offers an exciting and inventive insight into the work of Etienne Decroux (father of modern mime) and his assistants.

We also share our experience of using Corporeal Mime to create new material for theatre, in conjunction with music, scriptwriting, improvisation, object manipulation and physical characterization.

We offers a number of tailor-made opportunities:

  1. Open workshops for professional and semi-profressional performers, students and community groups

  2. Talks for practitionners & teachers

  3. Masterclasses

  4. Mentoring

  5. Work experience & internship

For further information please email us at info@retheatre.com to receive our Skills Development Pack.

Theatre Re has previously engaged with performers, actors, dancers, students and emerging artists at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, Fourth Monkey TC, Louisiana State University, London International Mime Festival, Liverpool Physical Fest, Derby University, the Conservatory of Villeurbanne, Cyprus Theatre Organisation and Berkshire County Dance Company Youth.


Open week-long Corporeal Mime workshop

Shoreditch Town Hall, 2015 - London

Photo: Léa Tirabasso

“I really loved it all. Really clear, well taught, rounded and supportive”.

Workshop participant -  2016 Shoreditch Town Hall

“Good pace, energy and atmosphere - very hands on and practical. I am really happy I took part”.

Workshop participant -  2015 Shoreditch Town Hall

“It was packed with content. I want to do more”.

Workshop participant -  2015 Shoreditch Town Hall

Theatre Re Intensive (3 weeks) - 2013

BA Acting Students - Conservatory of Villeurbanne (FR)

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Open week-long Corporeal Mime workshop

From Actor to Mime - 2016

Shoreditch Town Hall, London

Day-long Corporeal Mime workshop

Physical Fest, 2016 - Liverpool

Week-long Intensive Corporeal MIme workshop

From Actor to Mime - 2016

In partnerchip with THOC - Nicosia, Cyprus

Up coming open workshop:


Led by Guillaume Pigé

From June 19th to 23rd 2017

10am to 5pm each day

Shoreditch Town Hall, London


In this five-day workshop, designed for professional and semi-professional performers, participants will immerse in Theatre Re’s vital approach to Corporeal Mime and explore the ability to change and transform.

The mime gives physical reality to ideas and emotions. He makes the invisible visible. From body articulation to counterweights, from dynamo rhythm to mobile statuary, participants will discover how to play their body like a violin, how to create movement in stillness and how to be ready for action.

This workshop will be valuable for actors and performers wishing to enhance their physical presence on stage, but also to anyone involved in the devised theatre where the actor is at the centre of the creation process.

Suitable for ages 18+

Open week-long Corporeal Mime workshop

Changing The Heartbeat - 2017

London International Mime Festival at STH

2 Day Devising Theatre Masterclass

Derby University - 2017

1st Year Performing Arts Student (BA)

“It really opened my eyes to a new way of thinking and communicating through theatre”.

Workshop participant -  2017 London International Mime Festival

“It was a full-on, completely practical, full of knowledge week.”

Workshop participant -  2017  London International Mime Festival