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Theatre Re remercie Arts Council England et Haringey Council pour leur soutien, leur aide et leur confiance.
Nous sommes aussi très fiers de travailler avec The Point Easleight et South Hill Park Arts Centre en tant que compagnie associée ainsi qu’avec  Shoreditch Town Hall, Lincoln Drill Hall et Jacksons Lane.

Theatre Re

Established in 2009, Theatre Re is a London-based international ensemble creating thought-provoking and moving work.

Its shows examine fragile human conditions in a compelling, physical style embracing mime, theatre and live music, and are often described as magical, poetic and tender as well as disturbing and haunting.

The name of the company comes from the prefix ‘re’. It is the ‘re’ of re-discovering and re-imagining, breathing new life into what already exists.

Intimate collaborations with experts in different fields – such as science and public health - and various community groups throughout the devising process play a crucial part in the development of the work.

Our productions have toured widely in the UK but also in France, Brazil, Peru, Ireland, Switzerland and Germany.

Theatre Re is an @HOME company at The Point, Eastleigh.

“Theatre Re are one of the country’s most exciting theatre companies.”

Newbury Weekly