«Best Show Arte TV - Avignon off Festival 2009»


«Everything is marked with simplicity, with light humour, tinged with poetry with just enough clumsiness to make it touching. It is a nice weightless moment, on the margin of the everyday and the real»

La Provence, 22/07/2009.

«A show where everyone’s smiles never drops its guard! A stage, a ring where magic bubbles, the intimacy of dreams and the K.O of reality are played out. Great skills in service of tenderness.»

La Provence, 25/07/2009.

Creative team:

Created and performed by Raphaël Gouisset & Guillaume Pigé

Lighting designer - Elizabeth Clément & Magali Magnin

Technical Manager - Cedrik Chaumeron & François Robert

Photograph - Magali Magnin

Touring information:

We performed COMME UN GANT - GLOVED at:

Théâtre Acte 2 (Lyon - 2008)

Théâtre de l’Iris (Lyon - 2008)

Festival des Lumière (Lyon - 2008)

Centre Culturel Montplaisir (Lyon - 2008)

Festival Itinérants des Arènes de Montmartre (Paris - 2008)  Festival Mime en Mai (Paris - 2008)

Forest fringe festival (Edimbourg - 2008)

Théâtre de Clochards-Célestes (Lyon - 2009)

Festival d’Avignon Off (Théâtre du Rempart - 2009)

Festival Artzébouille (Cézerieu - 2009)

Centre Culturel Jean Vilar (Marly le Roy, 2010)

Centre Culturel le Savoie (St Michel de Maurienne, 2010) Festival des Tragos (Cavalaire, 2011)


“The best discovery of the festival this year!”

Lu & Vu, 01/11/2009, Avignon Off Festival 2009